Friday, November 8, 2013

Ischia (SouthEast Coast)

I was at the coffee corner at my job, some days ago when I was approached by one of the senior system engineers of my department. He came close to the vending machine where I was leaning on with my shoulders while turning round a little stick into my coffe and, pointing his finger at me, told me: "You are from an island that's been the first Greek settlement in Italy, my town was founded by your ancestors, therefore I am somehow a relative of yours". He was not drunk and I don't have reasons to think he's assuming drugs. I stared at him after this revelation and, continuing circling an already cold coffee, answered: "I think so ...".

As I'll have to wait until next Summer before knowing if I'll be able to get back there, I turned my attention to my hard-disk and pulled these pictures of a boat tour around the island that I had last July. You'll see only rocks formations, what's left from latest eruptions. It's some kind of celebration of the power of nature. A sign of respect for the vulcan sleeping few hundreds meters under the island surface.

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marco eugenio said...

magnificapotenza della natura