Thursday, November 28, 2013

Autumn explorations

After several B&W images it's time to put some colors on this blog again. Don't expect an extraordinarily colorful palette: hunting and proposing aggressive color combinations are not in my top priority list since long. There must be always some kind of balance in each proposal and long term coherence, from day to day, one post after the other, as if I was weaving a long tale on my loom.
Last time I put some samples from a french marketplace, now I'm showing the colors of the Autumn. Looks like incidental, riding bikes with my son we came out of a wood and crossed a small village where magically all building appeared as if they had just wore an autumnal frock, in tune with the foliage of the nearby grove.
In this small series everything, even my son's jersey, looks so much monochromatic, in some extent so much ... B&W. That's why, just like the french onions and powders, I opted to put it on display.

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marco eugenio said...

Si è vero, ogni tanto un po' di colore ci vuole e l' autunno è il momento giusto.