Saturday, April 30, 2016

What happened?

Here I am again. I did not disappear. I just had to cope with the beginning of a new course of my life. Beginning of April, exactly one month ago, I moved to Graz, in the Austrian region of Styria, where I took a position in a new company, a world market leader of the semiconductors industry, after almost eighteen years spent in the telecoms industry.

I arrived in Graz in a sunny and warm holiday with my old car full of bags, cardboard boxes and lots of doubts and fears: a new country, a new job, a new language to learn.

The first days were not so nice. Italy is just 200 km far from here. Yet everything is so different and I couldn't say if I would had ever been able to "get used to it". Now, after four weeks, things are beginning to look better than before but the greatest challenge is far to come. Later this year my family will join me and then we'll see if all will be as I've wished so far.

I made my first tour on my mountain-bike today: hanging from my neck my old camera. I don't have tools for post-processing. All my pictures that I'm going to display from now on will look a bit different from my previous one. A new tool requires time to get used and get the same results I've always wanted. Let's wait and see.

Man gewöhnt sich daran.