Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The shop is momentary closed

I'm short of pictures to show. It's almost incredible to say. I just took another hard-disk where to store all the pictures I've shot in the last twelve years. I think I counted something like thirty thousands or more files! ... and I strive to find some pictures to show.
The are some good reasons for this to happen. Above all, I just started a new activity, in my workplace, joining a so called cross-functional team (XFT), attempting to work in a way that's called "Lean", or "Agile", or both names at the same time. It's something inherited from the software development world, which is not so distant from mine. It takes time, rather it grabs all the time you have while you're in office (and outside), minimizing "waste". That's the main concern: wasted time. Did I really waste my time before? I never thought to be wasting time, sitting at my desk or traveling around the world: not even in those unlucky periods when the workload was minimal. The result is that, now, with this new way of working I nearly feel embarrassed to take a day off and I'm pretty sure the team does the same.
Today the new school year started and I opted not to take my son into his classroom and run to the railway station, as I wanted to be in office before 9.00. That's not good.
It's not good that among 30.000 and more files I can't find the time to pick some to show on my blog. All this "agility" is driving to immobility after all.