Thursday, November 3, 2011

Night Photography

Colors & Water

As 591 opened a call for a new collective exhibition about "night photography", I went looking into my hard-disk for some good ol' pictures to send. Without going too far in time, I came accross these (surprisingly) color pictures that I took in Stockholm and Goteborg a couple of years ago. Just after loading them together into the blog editing page where I'm currently writing in, I realized that they all have two great elements in common: colors & water.
I must admit that keeping faithful to Black & White is sometime very hard. These pictures are the clear evidence. When sunlight is missing and we rely of artificial lights (unless we're walking close to an erupting vulcan, a big fire burning or under the sky vault brightened by an aurora borealis), colors come to our aid to better yield the sense of depth and the slightly perceptible variations of water in the air. Water, on the other hand, creates that magical framework of reflections that puzzles our minds and keep us a little bit more on the picture.