So ... who am I?

I'm an electronic engineer (*). I have lived my last sixteen years in Saronno, not far from the hearth of Milan, where I proudly worked for Ericsson AB. On October 1st 2014 the R&D site where I was based was handed over to new company, leader in the technology consultancy market. Not long after, I decided to pull the sails up and drive my boat elsewhere. So I moved to Austria, where I'm currently working for a Semiconductors leading company.

My past professional activity has lead me very often to foreign countries in Europe where my previous company acts and develops: Scandinavia, UK, Germany and Hungary to name a few.

I started writing and maintaining this blog in 2010, as a complimentary section of my website (, where I once used to keep my personal scroll-page of news and "thoughts". I realized that using a customized display on Blogger would allow me to save time, update it more frequently than before and reach a larger (visual) audience. I don't know if I'll ever succeeded in this task but access numbers prove that the more often I post the larger the number of people come in and, hopefully, get introduced to my body of images.

(*) Digital IC Designer and, on convenience, architect.

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