Saturday, May 12, 2007

is it time to stop?

I'm seriously thinking to take a break. Along my journey to somewhere I still haven't been able to define, I've reached a fork: a point where I need to halt and take a decision before making any other progress.
Last March 25 my daughter Gloria was born. I couldn't ask for more: she's beautiful, healthy and currently not asking for so much attention - not mine, at least. Nonetheless the amount of time I can devote to photography has dramatically shrunk down to few minutes, late at night, before falling asleep.
So, what happened? First of all, my son Flavio has cut down his age from four to nearly two. It's a passing phase. He has to learn to live togheter with this new entity weeping at home all the time. In the meanwhile we'll have to take care of him much more than his sister and, trust me, I couldn't figure out before how much time-consuming it is. At the same time, I'm on the verge to make a quantum leap on my job career. I'm starting a new experience as a team leader, having no more time to turn over into my mind while sitting at my desk writing code and documentation. Most of my office time is now spent into endless and - I shouldn't say - boring meetings with people calling from half the world.