Monday, January 30, 2012

Time for a semla

It's been freezing cold, last week, in Goteborg. I was not prepared to it. I was stranded there just a couple of days after a huge snowfall, wearing a coat that didn't prove so much useful this time. And that actually sounded strange to me, as I took it in Norway one year ago, in much worst weather conditions. I think it's 'cause I have had my mind somewhere else all the time.
I realise just now that jumping off the tram, while going back to my hotel room, I always crossed the alleys of the old town thinking deep and silently wondering about all the things that could happen in the following weeks and all those that I wished could have happened in the weeks before. I feel turmoil in my mind. I'm striving to have everything in place. Temptations to change are many and pulling strong.

On one evening, soon after the shops had closed, I found myself alone in the street, waiting for someone to call me and tell if he would have been able to reach me in a restaurant. I've become used to sit alone on a table and look around at the other people having dinner. Sometimes I even feel embarrassed. It happens most frequently when a group of people sitting at your side are enjoying their time so much that their energy waves reach you violently and you can't help but looking with some envy at them. You'd like to take part of their happiness or disappear from the corner were you swiftly snugged in. That's where all your uneasiness comes from.

On this long wait for a call, I came across the windows of a pastry shop. They had just rolled the "open" sign to "closed" and were putting aside the trays beside the glass. I suddenly forgot the worm eating my mind and recalled the times I was in Stockholm, in 2008 and the story they told me about these cakes called "Semla".

Putting aside my deeper thoughts, I said to myself it was the right time have one and knocked upon the door ... and again. But no one came to open. So I went back to the hotel and my mind dove back again into the real of confusion.

I'm sitting alone at the table in my kitchen, now. Wife and kids are sleeping hard. My thoughts are going back to get eaten by a worm. This would be the right time for a Semla.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A new ToyCam

I just managed to have my company mobile changed. The old one was barely able to ring. I dropped a couple of months ago the idea that is was something that was designed and made to let me talk with someone else. So, when I said my boss I would have bought a new one on the next business travel that I was plannig (and claim the expense on my return to office), soon I was contacted by the Service Center, saying that my replacement had "just" arrived.
Black magic!

Trying to understand how this new plastic pad with nearly one hundred buttons works, I discovered that it has a built-in camera much better than the previous one (even though the hole on its back is more or less the same). So, upon my very first mountain bike ride of the year, I took it with me and made some snaps around.
Not bad, in the end. That's why I'm thinking right now whether I should take my compact cam with me tomorrow morning, as I'm going back to Goteborg, or just rely on my new ToyCam.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Exhibition Poster

I have made this kind of artwork poster to let anyone interested in the initiative to print his/her own copy and stick it anywhere. Click over the picture to download the PDF file.

Tiberio Fanti, (C) 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

591 Photography Blog - Spring Exhibition 2012

The announcement has finally arrived. The call for the new 591 Spring Exhibition went out today. Everyone is invited and free to participate to the 4th edition of our main online event. The first edition "Portraits" was held in Summer 2009, followed by "The 80s" in 2010 and "Images of Men and Women" last year. We're looking forward to get in contact with as many applicants as never before.

I'm not fearing to be overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done. Feel free to send your best pictures about Fire, Air, Water and ... Earth. Click on the poster picture below to get to the official 591 page.