Sunday, September 10, 2017


I'm back to Graz, after two weeks spent on the Croatian coastline, with plenty of images on my mobile: some of which I already posted almost "live" on my Instagram page (there must be a link  to it somewhere on the right column of this page).
This summer I had to take an important decision: whether taking with me the whole DSLR gears or relying on my currently best point-and-shoot device, the mobile phone camera. So, just few minutes before leaving my apartment (some of which spent sitting on my bed with the bulky package in my hands), I opted for the second option. And I have to admit I'm not completely disappointed. I could have certainly taken better pictures but the result are not that bad and the easiness of having a good crop at your reach any time has paid back all the initial regrets.

(Made and sent from my Mobile)

Friday, September 1, 2017

Stranded on a Rocky Island

I'm spending my first week of vacation on the island of Brac, not far from the Dalmatian coast of Split. I was often told about the "rockiness" of the Kroatian coast but I couldn't figure out how much rocky they could actually be. Along the hundreds kilometers of coastline, there are just few points where the modern-life comfort-addicted humans can afford a safe dive into the sea. Still the entire border of the island can be walked along with a pair of good shoes on.
This gives me the chance to get away from the crowd and spend a little time with myself.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A solitary walk in the garden

I'm in constant search for places where to stop and think: thinking spots that suites my personal, peculiar needs. Looks like that, once again, the moment for taking important decisions has come. A long theory of open points that need to be closed very quickly, with no hesitation. I've already taken important decisions and stepped on in my recent past. I'm trying to understand now it they made all sense and whether I can continue on the same way. This stands for the most important aspects of my life, as well as for more trivial ones.

After lingering for long, I decided to start trying a different stage where to show a part of my pictures. During the last week I opened my window on the pictures' instant gratification platform, needless to say which one it is, a place where your images are put on display in a matter of seconds, with either no post-processing or ready-made filters that inevitably (and miserably) align your long-time elaborated way of watching and interpreting the world with that of millions of other aspiring instant photographers. The ultimate wish is to "fish" more audience for this stage, the most preferred of mine, which (my fault) I always failed to let it take off. I know I can't expect much from the crowd, from the mass of "likes-hunters" out there. A trial is anyway worth giving.

I could continue walking alone in my garden. No one would ever know it is there.