Friday, February 16, 2018

The Rythm of the Sea

"... dai diamanti non nasce niente,
dal letame nascono i fior ..."

Waiting for the nice days of Spring to come back, in the evening, when possible, I revisit the folders of my past photographs. The wish is always to find something that I had completely forgotten, left there for better times. After all, shooting is a matter of moments, while processing the image and making it presentable can be a matter of an entire life. This time I almost by chance I fell into a folder of three years ago. I have left the pictures as they were taken, only removing a bit of color which I found excessive. An interesting series of findings on the sand of Vieste.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Something moves

It is not true that the Winter season is pure idle time, that everything sleeps and nothing happens. Life simply goes on at a different pace and slowly prepares itself for better times. Only men pretend to ignore this rule and hardly keep the same marching plans. We should learn, back again, to observe and imitate Nature, behaving in the same manner: there are times for sprinting and harvesting and times for resting and getting ready for the next sprint.