Sunday, November 17, 2013


We're having the most typical rainy November, this year, despite the news and predictions of an imminent, looming, dooming, disastrous climate change. Additionally, for some reasons, my workoad has just grown, along with responsibilities (noblesse oblige). For such, I  can't find anymore the time enough to walk around and "observe" the world. I have to go back looking into my hard disk and work out some samples of the recent past. But this is not a real problem: Summer holidays are our think tank, the time budget we have at our disposal to keep ourselves trained.

The pictures coming in the next days, once again, are echoes of my last Summer on the Alps.

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marco eugenio said...

stai facendo come Gustav Mahelr, oberato durante l' anno dai suoi impegni teatrali, di direttore e organizzatore.
Solo nei mesi estivi, nella quiete dei sui ritiri in montanga, aveva il tempo e la concentrazione adatts per il lavoro creativo...