Sunday, June 22, 2014

On my stalk

Spring has gone, this year's bloody May and June have gone, my company has gone as well, leaving room to another brave investor coming from far with little warranties and many good promises but ... I'm still here, standing up on my thorny stalk, even though a little dried up, tired and disillusioned.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

International Earth & Sky Photo Contest 2014

The World At Night

I'm not used (at least in recent times) to post pictures not mine. Nevertheless from time to time it happens to find out there, on the web some very good food for thoughts or for inspiration. This collection of photographs is taken from The World At Night, "an international effort to present stunning night-scape photos and time-lapse videos of the world’s landmarks against celestial attractions". Nearly ten minutes well spent.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back to Brännö - II

Right in the middle of the island, where the two main streets cross each other, there's a small restaurant with few tables inside the two small rooms available (and a small "veranda" just fit for one round table). It usually takes some luck to find it open and a table where to sit. I remember that once, in the autumn season, I got to the door five minutes after the closing time and, notwithstanding the kitchen was open for the guests already sitting inside, I was told to be late. I found it quite disappointing to get back on my steps, walk the mile to the peer and sit under the waiting hut for almost an hour.
This time I was lucky. All the noisy guests were sitting outside and beside a nice group of gentle ladies talking quietly in the setting sun soaked veranda, no one else was inside. I picked my favourite corner, called for the chart and, while waiting for the dinner to be served, I pulled out my travels notebook and started taking record of the lucky event.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back to Brännö

I can't remember when I last put my feet on Brännö, one of the Goteborg southern archipelago islands. I remember it wasn't a great day from the weather point of view: heavy clouds were covering the sky and I could wonder aimlessly around the island streets without crossing my sight with a single human being. From a photographic point of view it was the perfect situation. A pity I just had my mobile phone and nothing more ("Thinking Spots").
So the idea of getting back on it with something better than a mobile can has been waiting silently in my head until a couple of days ago, when I packed the old Powershot together with cables and notebooks in my trolley. Timing was planned to be short but I had the seasonal stretch of the day time at my side. Just needed a weather good enough to let me go.

Upon my arrival the aircraft made a tour of the bay area facing the river mouth and soon the silent idea in the corner of my mind woke up and started shouting. Brännö and its sisters island of the archipelago were there under the wing.

In the few minutes of wait before disembarking, watching at the luggage people relaxing into their van, I realised that I had muted my spirit of initiative for too long and took mind to look for the best opportunity for finding again myself alone and heed for that sprinkle of limestone in the cold waters of the northern seas. Last time I had been in Goteborg was the end of January: freezing cold, blocks of ice drifting along the river, bad travel company, no daylight and very little time.

So, after a couple of busy and frantic days spent in meeting rooms and long evening talks about our company situation, while sitting on downtown restaurants tables, I eventually found myself alone with still a few hours of daylight to enjoy. At 6:00 p.m. I was still in office; forty minutes later I had already rushed into my hotel room, changed myself, dropped PC and other useless things and gone out to catch bus #114 at the stop few hundreds meters away.
On my arrival at Saltholmen pier, I had to make my last run of the day as all three ferries were about to leave. Nothing to complain: I knew I had twenty minutes to rest before landing on the island.

The short navigation that many islanders do every day was to me like a trip back in time and into the core of some well known swedish traditions. Passing by an array of all alike red fishermen huts (don't ask me about the swedish name, I know the norvegian equivalent but could be in error) we reached the pier of Asperö island, another small stretch of rock separated by Brännö by just a short swim distance.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gone fishing: back soon.

I have nothing to say. I had written a long article to comment the picture below. Then I thought it was not really necessary and brushed everything off. The sun is low on the horizon, pointing at the northern pole once again. I'm heading north as well. Maybe for the very last time, maybe for the very first. Who knows.