Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ready for launch

Goteborg, the Big Wheel on the Opera House square is the only "mobile" thing in town able to stand still under the strong winds of these days. Autumn is already here. The tail of a hurricane, born thousands of kilometers away, is crossing Scandinavia and I couldn't find a better moment for dropping my bones here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The invisible watchmaker

Now that the echoes of the recent tragedy happened in Oslo downtown and Utoya Island, in Norway, are starting to fade and everything seems to be going back to normality, my thoughts go back to some days before those events, when I was there for my last time.
I fear there won't be any other chance to travel to Oslo in the coming years. The R&D centre I used to go is now closed and people working there have flown away, disappeared, pursuing their dreams to build a new better promising future. I can only leaf through my photo galleries and try to remember.

When I'm abroad I use to take a walk a lot, soon after dinner. I use those hours to be really alone with myself, to get intimate with some aspects of the town where I am that I never would be able to discover while rushing to office in the early hours of the morning and, needless to say, to take light-life pictures.

One block behind the square where the National Theater stands, not far from the City Hall towers and the turists' docks of Akerbrigge, if you walk past the windows of a "sexual gadget" shop, on the window of a small shop a sticker says: "Urmakermester".
I've seen this man working night time for year, but I never succeeded to stop by his window till the very last time I was in Oslo.