Tuesday, November 3, 2009

this was not meant to be ...

... a blog!

That’s why … as expected, this has never been a real blog and probably never will: or better, not in the way a blog is commonly meant. I must have written somewhere that I considered it as a sort of open notebook where I use to write down some notes of mine and share them with an improbable audience. Unfortunately, my job and family commitments have significantly grown in recent times: so much that this promising “training ground” for my photographic mind has turned into a field of apparently barren trees. This is not meaning that my investigations have finished. It’s just that I started thinking I could use the same tool for a wider gamut of “messages”. In other words, what you might have seen in recent times here has been just the “winter frock” of this page. If one year has passed in the while is just a mere coincidence. Now I feel ready to start my quest again.

As a matter of fact, I'm wondering now whether it is worth to leave this window open and keep stuffing my ideas in, as soon as they come - even though aeons might pass from one to the other - or closing it because of a "prolonged drought" that I’m no longer able to turn into pouring rain. Maybe a different arrangement would help.
A blog is some kind of place where things get old very soon. My early notes were not meant to go yellow so fast. Those were and, in a large extent, still are my personal ideas about photography. Dates written aside each article should be just considered as a bureaucratic embellishment offered by the tool.
Now I’m thinking to change the nature of this place and alternate my thoughts to some "signs of life" that I'll link hither and dither whenever I find them. Additionally I will stuff in some news, in case I should have some good ones to share.

Stay tuned.