Sunday, November 9, 2008

new food for thoughts

Stockholm, Sunday, Nov. 9 2008, 21:15 CET

I'm back in my hotel room after a quick and frugal dinner in a steak-house behind the corner. Outside a strong gale is pushing hard the rain drops on my window, so hard that I can't nearly hear the noise of my laptop. I am sitting at the desk, connected and ready for the "event".
After working for almost a couple of years to the foundation and take-off of the now world celebrated Gruppo-F blog, Ulf Fagelhammar has temporarily withdrawn from the scenes to work secretly to his new concept design: the 591 Photography blog and website.

Ulf wrote me about this idea more or less two months ago and sent me his unsolicited (but really welcome) invitation to contribute. I did it in the best way I could do with a reportage from the "ghost" underground station of Kymlinge, somewhere close to Kista in the north-west district of Stockholm. The resulting work has been part of the contributions unveiled during the inaugural evening party.

I am now proud to say that Gates of Kymlinge did not make that bad impression I was fearing two days ago: not even to myself, the worst of my works' critics and faultfinders.

A new PhotoBook, gathering both text and images, is coming after.