Monday, April 29, 2013

A rose

The first unsolicited, organic and (my pride) not purchased flower of the year. My obstination and devotion to B&W might waste some of this flower pristin beauty. I can't help it. You have to play a bit with your imagitation, in case shape was not enough.

It's a matter of ... Matter.

Strange days. I've been working quite hard during the last weeks, spending my hours in endless technical and virtual, pseudo-management meetings, balancing between system issues and planning puzzles with uncertain results. For more than a month I've forgotten all my pictures, photo-books design, bicycle rides, guitars and all my personal engagements (except wife and kids ... of course) for ... for what?
At last I received a kind request to step back again and concentrate on design issues, after flying high again on system layers. Some would argue I should have opposed to such an undeserved treatment. I'm actually feeling exhausted and couldn't pretend anything better. I needed a break and welcame this trip back to design and development. In some extent it is to me like going on ... vacation.

To my discomfort, now that I have an opportunity to come out of the tunnel and I'd like to burn quickly all the accumulated bad management stimulated toxin, a tropical rain "perturbation" has stopped over the norther regions of Italy and there's no chance to cycle around for hours without getting wet to the bones and ending up in a bed with a bad cold.

So I turned my attention to my pots on the balcony and to the survival (not many) form the never ending winter season we've had this year. I must confess that gardening - or, as I'd better say, its  limited-extent balcony variant - is to me like a therapy: it's like an escape from all worries, whatever they are. I'm sorry with my fellow amateur photographers: there's nothing that makes the same mind-abstracting effect than getting the hands dirty with mud, seeding, transplanting and feeling a strong pain to the kidneys after bending for hours. Cycling, playing guitars, reading books and photographing (yes ...) for some reasons still leave some "bandwidth", some energy in my mind to keep myself hooked to the daily thoughts. Gardening is different. And I think it's because I feel like handling the basic matter, crafting something concrete, not bits and bytes.

So, I wonder how it would be like if I had a place of my own where to develop and print my photographs.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Back to Tivoli

I haven't had much time to walk around the town, when I went back to Tivoli for the Easter break, last week. Time was really short and I had to cope with several "institutional obligations", notwithstanding my will.
In a moment of general distraction, though, before some kind of a storm fell over my family shoulders (I'll write about this later on), I took the only chance to escape and spendta a short hour wandering along the stones of the old town: in the heart of the citadel.
I'm taking samples of the old, raw, real and true Tivoli one bit after the other: walking when possible through alleys that I never walked before and looking for something that i still havn't understood what it is. The maze is still partially uncovered. I suppose it will take many more raids to get the whole picture in. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Airport Days on 591

Airport Days are ahead of us. 591 Photography Blog has sent out the call for pictures valid till next April 14. For more details click on the picture below.