Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Tug of war

How difficult it is, keeping my website functionality in line with the quality goals that I was hoping to achieve and, at the same time, providing enough artworks to make it look ever changing and always up to date.
I've been spending late hours of my last months mainly working on the HTML and JavaScript code. In other words I've been working on the container, without taking care of what could be the content. Now, after reaching a point that currently satisfies me, I feel the urge to get back into my digital darkroom and review all my proposals: cuts, reordering, insertions, text to copy from my scratch-book, et cetera. "What's wrong with it?", you might observe.
Nothing. I'm just pretty sure to be coming back on the code as soon as some, maybe few, new photographs will be ready and issued. It's a tug of war. This continuous swing from one side to the other will never end. Sometimes I find it frustrating and distracting, as it doesn't allow me to finish one task without starting to think upon the following one. Some other times it's simply amazing, as it means that the cup where my creativity has been drinking so far hasn't emptied out yet.
I need to learn to manage this tide-like process and cope with it to get the best from both phases. That's the big challenge of this project of mine: placing myself in the middle of the rope and pulling with all my strengths both side to me.