Monday, November 4, 2013

A la decouverte ...

Warning: all pictures below are taken with my not-smart-at-all-mobile cam. Watching at them can seriously affect your opinion about me.

The cold season, according to those working at the forecast offices, will soon knock at our doors. Last Summer has undeniably been too long: this is supported by statistics on recent years' observations. The Italians say: "There are no longer mid seasons" (things are no longer what they used to be). As a matter of fact, transition from Summer to Winter and vice versa looks like being stepwise. Everything happens from one day to another.

I think that our contemporary digitalized (quantized) perception of the events happening around us has irreversibly changed. Having grown old in the artificial, conditioned (thermally equalized) atmosphere of our offices, we have lost the ancestral capability to appreciate the little daily changes during season shifts. Now it's all either too cold or too hot.

It won't probably be the root cause but also for such, pressed by the media driven meteorological psychosis, I feel more than ever before the urge to exploit all opportunities for making quick tours on my mountain bike: alone or with my closest young "collaborator". Once again, my cranky mobile cam has been an invaluable tool, which I can't make without, for exploring and making experiments while pedaling.

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