Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apparently still

I wrote somewhere else (PhotoPoints), today, that the one below is a lucky shot.

The ancient landscape of northern Milan district is rapidly disappearing under a cover of factories hangars, ugly flat and wide concrete buildings for commercial hubs, parking lots, goods deposits, new and basically unnecessary highways that are swallowing the latest spots of woods and untouched lands.

Most of the woods and fields we can see from satellite-scanned images are already gone. It's the destiny of the flatland and hillsides of a country that's been managed by ignorance, power anger and selfishness.
Next step will be the mountains. When I take off from my closest airport, in Malpensa I see the wide stretch of charcoal and concrete growing larger and larger. Wider areas of mountains are getting spotted by what we call "villette", the typical Mediterranean seaside cottage. At 2000mt height!

It's better myself to stop here.