Monday, October 10, 2005

Self Assignment

The design and the implementation of my website, as well as the inevitable maintenance activity it demands are offering me the opportunity to face two different, though complementary, challenges. On one side there are the website conception, the design phase and the styling experience: in other words, the making of a message container, let's say the envelope. On the other side there's the daily arrangement of what constitutes its content: simply put, the composition of a message to post.

Indeed, a while after I started seriously thinking to a website, I realized that both processes are part of a "main project" and cannot be painlessly divided and managed apart. If I was asked to summarize my understanding of the word "Art" with a single word I would choose the term "communication".
Art is mainly a matter of communication and, whatever the artwork is, our aim is to make the message we send as close as possible to the one that the viewer believes, needs or wants to receive. Alternatively, one can always choose to get the viewer closer to his works and let him decode the message. A task that I not able to undertake in this moment.

I didn't think, at the beginning, that my web-design experience could be worthy of any note but, since I had to study quite a bit to learn new programming languages and spent more time on writing code than on taking photographs, I feel the need to describe my vision, the ideas and the moves I made to get here. That's what this personal journal page was meant for.