Saturday, December 31, 2011

The end of a year

It's just 7.00 a.m. of a day that will last more than usual and I'm sitting alone in my apartment kitchen, as my kids and wife are still quietly sleeping in bed. Out of the window there's a hint of day that will be. A cold wind has gently blown all night long. The air is surprisingly clear. It's one of those dawns that invite you to pick the camera and shoot some pics of your hometown skyline. I've done it so many time that I think I'll save myself from freezing, today.
I've sorted out my private e-mail. There's so much to be done in the coming year. I've committed myself to one of the greatest project ever organized by 591. There will be a four-folded exhibition that will take inspiration from the ancient belief that everything was made up from a mix of four elements only. I'll take care of the "Earth" section. I've generated a new mailbox. Now it's time to think about a presentation and a poster picture to go by throughout the exhibition run.
Thinking back to the exhibition advertisement and the network of personal contacts to refresh, I just realised I forgot to renew my subscription to a couple of websites where I used to upload my images. I'm doubtful, I don't know if I still need them. I haven't posted anymore lately: I was bored of receiveing cut&paste appreciations from people swallowing images all the time. 591 has grown so much, lately, that there's enough to fill all my "free hours". For the coming year I think I'll focus on this.
And ... as there are chances that the new year will bring news for my profession, I need to get ready and off-loaded!