Sunday, September 28, 2014


Almost three months have gone since I last wrote a word on this page. The misfortune that fell on me is so devastating that I had to take a long pause and think to something else: to my job, for instance, as well as to my family; to the fact that against my will I will change Company in a couple of days and suddenly everything has become uncertain, unstable and foggy; to my old idea to move somewhere else and restart a career that, for some reasons, will never take off in Milan.
There have been days, soon after the summer break that came after the robbery of my bag with all my personal data and documents inside, that I was almost terrified to enter the underground and upon taking the metro or a train I had to constantly repeat myself where I was going to. Last summer has been a long training and recovering season. I've learned to put my feet on the ground again and know where I am: all the time, everywhere. Now I felll stronger and more responsible: I know which steps to follow and I'm pursuing my choices with no hesitation. This, of course, means to have a better grip on my time and the things I do.
For what concerns photography, I never thought to give up. That's why I'm here again. .-)