Saturday, May 25, 2013

Self-Maintenance Time

I'm feeling exhausted. In the first months of this year I've been pushing and pulling a team  of frantic designers in the attempt to reach some admittedly over-committed goals. The project run is very long. There's still a year or more of development and tests activities ahead of us. I need to stop, give way and breathe for a while. So I asked my manager to let me step back into my cozy and warm comfort zone for some time and act like a designer rather than a project manager. Some one else from the team has taken the shepard stick in his hands. This hiatus should also give me some time for studying and updating on the coming developments topics and, yes, take me smoothly toward the hot season (provided that it will ever decide to stop with these days hard rains and cold).
Strange to say, I must admit that now that I'm back to a design and development role I feel like ... unemployed. It will take some time to drain all the stamina the "master" role poured into my blood. Or, maybe, it's just the fear not to be able to get back to it. To this end, I have left one foot out: ready to take off as soon as possible.

Siblings Days on 591

A new call for submissions is open on 591. This time we're looking for siblings pictures. We're pretty sure everyone of us has some to share. Click on the picture below (Flavio and Gloria won't blame you for doing it) to get access to the details. There time: deadline  has been fixed to June 16.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sometimes, in the middle of an excessively long meeting, it happens for me to abstract (distract), look out of the window and think I'm wasting my time. Soon after, my technical ego burst in and says that it's only thanks to the polarizer effect of the window panes and that I'd better keep myslef focused on my tasks. So it was this afternoon.

Northbound - Southbound

Days for taking big decisions are ahead of me and my family. These are black or white choices, no gray tones, no half ways. Will I be northbound again or looking back to the south? It's hard to say. The distant far perspective is blurred just like the pictures I'm able o take with my fifteen euros worth mobile phone. If I want to see better in either direction then I have to get close and look with my own eyes. Standing still where I am does not help.