Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Five Continents

Jarntorget, the Iron Square, is one of the busiest places in Goteborg. People crossing streets, streets crossing tramways, tramways crossing the sky. And if, in this huge mess of bodies and cars, you had the time to forget the ice on the ground walk erect without loosing balance and look up in the sky you could spot this allegory of the continents of the World, as it was perceived one century ago. Each female silhouette, sitting on her own, offers her shoulders to the others. Hasn't it always been like this after all?

Friday, February 14, 2014


There's something special in digging after long time into forgotten boxes. This time I found my military plate and I had to explain what kind of use it was actually meant for to my kids.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Now and Zen

Three elements of the Scandinavian winter that most attract my attention: cracked ice, naked rocks and bare birches. A perfect natural black and white picture. Even a short walk along the river offers chances to stop, hold your glance for a while and meditate.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A man at the window

As a permanent apprentice photographer, I maintain and, when possible, elaborate a special relationship with the environment in which I move. This is almost inevitable: every new combination of spaces, lights and objects generates a need for exploration, analysis and sampling. Among the many places that I happen to spend my time in, one of the most interesting are the hotel rooms that I'm given every time I reach my travels destinations.
Hotel rooms are places that I only live from late night to dawn. I don't remember having seen one of the hundreds hotel rooms after early morning hours or much time before dawn. Notwithstanding my limited time, I've learned that hotel rooms provide exciting opportunities for taking pictures when the light coming in from their windows turns everyting into something special. Take for instance the blue light of the sunrise and the orange-yellow tones coming from the street light below.

I'm used to stay silently close to the window panes, sometime before leaving the room, every day. It's a short moment of deep meditation. I love to see the people getting to work, moms and kids heading to schools, street workers already busy with their duties and deliveries. It helps me to find the right spur and strengths to start the day. Travelling is not always necessarily an easy task. After all, there must always be a good reason for finding oneself abroad.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Back from Fishing

I've been away from home and everything else for a while again. I could say that I felt the need for some real winter days and therefore I took a long trip to north, more than 1300 Km far from home, to put my feet on the ice and feel the snow coming down over me and the wind freezing my face. But this is not true. Let me simply say, then, that I had something else to do.
Job duties, of course. Nothing new but, for some reasons, still able to give me enough reasons for loving my job. Alas, beside work and good food ... nothing much more.

Days in Sweden are still too short in this part of the year and weather hasn't been the best for outdoor activities after dinner, lately. I've learned how nice it can be slipping under the blankets once back in the hotel room and quietly watch some TV.
Beside professional achievements, the only remarkable thing of this northern break is that I've been able to carry with me a camera and that I managed to swap a couple of lunch breaks for a walk around, on the "white matter" and take some pictures that I'm going to process of the places around my workplace building.

I've gone fishing. Now I'm back again.