Friday, August 5, 2011

New ways of blogging

This is a trial post made from my office Outlook GUI. It could be an option not to miss too much time logging into Blogger, editing and sending my posts out to the world. Obviously this also comes handy for those who have a smart-phone with enough capability to snap a picture and a send it via e-mail.
I will also try to insert a picture I took during a visit to Goteborg's Hasselblad Foundation, two years ago.

Uhm ... the results are not so exciting. What you see above is just the restructured version of what I found once posted my e-mail. I forgot that the background is dark and that there's a limited set of fonts available. These can be easily fixed next time I post via e-mail. Yet, I fear that the image formatting will be tricky to solve.
I have to work upon that but it's good to know that it works.