Thursday, August 17, 2017

A solitary walk in the garden

I'm in constant search for places where to stop and think: thinking spots that suites my personal, peculiar needs. Looks like that, once again, the moment for taking important decisions has come. A long theory of open points that need to be closed very quickly, with no hesitation. I've already taken important decisions and stepped on in my recent past. I'm trying to understand now it they made all sense and whether I can continue on the same way. This stands for the most important aspects of my life, as well as for more trivial ones.

After lingering for long, I decided to start trying a different stage where to show a part of my pictures. During the last week I opened my window on the pictures' instant gratification platform, needless to say which one it is, a place where your images are put on display in a matter of seconds, with either no post-processing or ready-made filters that inevitably (and miserably) align your long-time elaborated way of watching and interpreting the world with that of millions of other aspiring instant photographers. The ultimate wish is to "fish" more audience for this stage, the most preferred of mine, which (my fault) I always failed to let it take off. I know I can't expect much from the crowd, from the mass of "likes-hunters" out there. A trial is anyway worth giving.

I could continue walking alone in my garden. No one would ever know it is there.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fake but True

Along the main walking street of Salzburg, every single shop has its own fanciful, traditional advertising sign: even the most unexpected.
I haven't been much around for tourism, recently. So I can't say if this is simply the sign of a voluntary respect of local traditions or rather a general trend of stylistic appropriation, perpetrated by the modern globally distributed commercial brands, that is affecting other cities with peculiar, unique traits (I'm thinking to Venice, Paris or London for name a few) or the effect of a kind of forced integration to which everything must undergo when entering the Austrian territory.
Still, I prefer much more a sober - even if fake - sign of presence like these to many horrible and intrusive colored billboards seen elsewhere. Is it really so complicate and expensive to prefer a discrete sign to glittering neon and flashing LED?

Racing 'round The World

Some do it holding tight the helm of a sailing boat in the hands, many others with a camera stick. I've seen people actually running between one selfie in the Mirabelle Park and the following one a the feet of the Festung (the Castle). Taking samples of passage, rather than being there, without stopping a minute to look around.