Friday, February 8, 2013

The night hunter is back

Oh, how nice and exciting is walking around the street of a foreign town, walking aimlessly and feeling free to throw your glance at the upper floors of the apartments and concealing in the shadow of a street corner, as you wait for your prey to get close enough for a snapshot. The corner of a side street in the old district of Haga, in Goteborg, is by far the safest place in the World for such a practice.
I had to wait a while before findng my hunting spot: in winter time, at ten in the evening, streets are already desert, empty spaces, good for your mind waves and experimentation.  Yet, to make it interesting, you have to find someone in the right place, in the right moment, with the right attitude.
In Haga's winter evenings, those few people that you come across look like moving from nowhere to some nowhere else. They appear just behind a bend and quickly vanishes few steps past your shoulders, after casting a rapid glance at your silhouette. After one, two or a few more passers-by, you start whishing you could capture a picture of one of these ghosts, So you sit or lean to a wall and act as you were distractled by the buttons of your gears.

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