Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Better times ahead

After three days of meetings, presentations and discussions with Italian and Swedish colleagues - in a couple of cases carried on till past our dinner time in our hotel lobby -, I've managed to find half an hour for a lone walk along the river banks. Full of excitement for such an unexpected opportunity, I've gone out of my room soon after dropping my backpack and taken the shortest path behind the city Opera House, where the "living", en-plein-air naval museum is located.
The thin cover of fresh snow that I found on my arrival, last Sunday evening, has surprisingly melt down. Wind is even more surprisingly absent. Walking is therefore a real pleasure and I've made my tour with fingers crossed, wishing that the batteries of my camera wouldn't leave me unable to shoot: a good shot is always told to be behind the corner. So, wishing for better times and opportunities (not necessarily from the photo-amateur point of view), I've walked aimlessly through grounded boats, anchors and chains, with my mind left free to any kind of wave could ever pass by.
Those boats are parts of the glorious ships exposed along the banks and still able to float and do their valuable job. I stopped a while, while taking some pictures and thought of myself. I should have sat for a while on that bench and listened at their advices for these moments of indecision of mine.


marco eugenio said...

molte volte ho apprezzato le tue fotografie "in notturna" - ancora una volta oltre al bel soggetto marinaro una foto che rende tutta la lumnosità di una notte calam e serna - ciao - marco

muhammad ibraheem said...
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