Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Take Off lane

It's about time. Few minutes more and my flight will be ready for boarding. I've been sitting a while close to the large window of this airport hall, looking at people coming and going. I have noticed that no one holds anymore a newspaper in the hands, even though it's given for free in places like this. Smart phones,  music players, PCs and tablets have replaced the focus point of today's travellers' field of sight. Looks like everyone is fearful to look people around into the eyes. There's no time to take care of what's happening around. I have had as well the temptation to plug the cord of my PC into an outlet coming out of the nearby wall, but it was not working. I'm thinking this time I was lucky.
Having no one else to look at, I turned my sight to the vast expanse of space beyond the glass, the take off lane that's turning to white as the day falls down, the incumbent wood that covers the horizon and the grey sky that's promising not much.

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