Monday, February 4, 2013

Good vibrations

It's been a long and enduring week the one I just spent with a colleague of mine in Goteborg. There have been highs and lows. A long list of items to walk through in a relatively short time. An excellent start that turned into a somehow disappointing end. So, last Thursday, when everything started looking like unrecoverable, unsolvable and difficult to carry on standing on our bare feet, I proposed to take a break, stop keeping knocking our foreheads on the desk, leave the office earlier than usual and treat ourslves with a quick visit to the exhibition I wanted to see. We rushed to the tramway and jumped on the first "trolley" passing by, to get off as soon as we were beside the main square at the top end of the city "Avenue", where the Museum building stands.

It's been really helpful. At the end of the tour (and my visit to the Hasselblad Center exhibition) we were so relaxed that, instead of punishing ourselves into the tiny hotel gym, we took a long walk down to the piers and through the old quarters behind them.

Passing behind the town Domkyrka (Cathedral) we stopped in front of the windows of the Wiktor Ahlstroms shop and made our way in, to sit for the celebration of this year's baptism of "semla".

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marco eugenio said...

magnificamente appetitoso !
e ben fotografato