Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Viva Massimo!

After Verdi, it's now time to to celebrate a colleague of mine, a friend who just left my company after 13 years. Beside being an invaluable professional, Max has been a human reference for all of us in several, countless cases. On his farewell party, two days ago, he took us a couple of his home-made loafs of bread.
Well ... could be that I'm too much lean to food and cooking. I feel there's no electronics, no signal-processing, no silicon, no computer programming skills that stands upright and compete with working hard in the kitchen the day before saying goodbye. That bread has been the best salutation and teaching he could leave us. I'm sure he'll continue doing his work well for the simple sake of goodness and that he'll find new bread tasters in his new company. Viva Massimo!

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