Saturday, October 5, 2013

Backup required!

I'm starting to lose memory or, put in a different way, not to remember all the things I've done so far. Blogging doesn't help in that sense. You drop pictures and thoughts at a certain rate. These accumulates and, as time passes by, you forget the best and worst under a heap of other daily publications.

A good example is the picture below and the words that come with it. I posted it on the F-blog in September 2008, upon invitation of Ulf Fågelhammar, before he set sails for his brainchild project: 591-Blog. It was taken on my last day in Backnang, in the Swabian District of Germany. I spent the whole Summer 2008 in that little town not far from Stuttgart. I've already written about this experience in another post: "Backnang, Summer 2008".

Well, even though I consider this picture one of my luckiest shots (I didn't move a single grain of sand of the napkin set I discovered during my lunch-break walk), I can't remember if I ever posted it here, on my blog. Leafing back through the posted pictures has become now a long lasting task; search tool doesn't help. So I thought it would be worth starting a back-up procedure and, starting from very my first post, taking note of all the pictures posted, not to repeat myself. It's a personal engagement. I don't think anyone would ever argue to have seen these pixels before but ... you never know.

"My experience here is almost finished. I'm feeling sad.
I know I won't have other chances to be here again,
alone with myself and my thoughts.
I've found this place, in a corner of a schoolyard
and soon felt as it was my "thinking-spot" here.
How strange ... 
Everywhere I go and spend more than a couple of days,
becomes part of my imaginary homeland.
I can't explain.
I must either be a nowhere man or citizen of the world"

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