Thursday, October 31, 2013

Is it a really Happy ... Halloween?

Halloween is the best sign of the times and of its devastating globalization. In my youth these days were devoted to our passed away dears. We used to light up red candles and put them on the windowsill of our room. I used to stay awake till late, while snugged into my bed, watching the reddish shadows dancing on the ceiling of my bedroom after each flame stir. It was at the same time so scaring and exciting. I remember I loved such a unique opportunity to stand face to face with the first conception of death as a human experience and that of the eternal rest that made us children make some basic existentialist questions so early.

What about today?

The depicted piece of art is from my son's homework for his school annual contest.

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marco eugenio said...

è proprio vero, abbiamo importato una tradizione culurale anglosassone che non comprendiamo assolutamente e ci stiamo dimenticando la nostra - quando la globalizzazione - come in mlti casi - va nella direzione sbagliata