Thursday, October 31, 2013

Four Items

Well, they're actually five. But I like to think of the second picture as if it contained a single item: "glass".

I have scrapped again some time to my already little sleep time to "make" some pictures I've had in mind for a long while. I'm not used to dispose immediately things that I don't need anymore. Sometimes I put them aside waiting for better times or simply a commemorative photo session before trashing.
It is not the case of the items depicted below. Facts are that, for some strange reasons, the few items I had stored apart have disappeared and yesterday evening I had the set ready for doing something after shooting at this year's Halloween pumpkin, i.e. the one designed by my son Flavio for the school contest.

I'll ask the boss of the house about the lost items.

1 comment:

marco eugenio said...

un bell' esercizio di still life -
bei soggetti, sfondo e illuminazione -
per quanto mi riguarda adoro le bottiglie di vetro e travaso sempre il latte dal cartone in una vecchia bottiglia e lo stesso per il vino in tavola: è bello vedere il colore del liquido attraverso la trasparenza del vetro