Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two steps around, outside the box

Time is always short. Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca wrote in his "De brevitate vitae" (On the shortness of life) that we should consider how much of it we waste, instead of complaining about its scarcity. I basically agree with him but not always. This happens to me when I'm far from home, abroad for business (as they say, even though I'm everything but a business man). Customer first, of course, then leisure. First comes your job, the one that pays for you, then your curiosity, your anger of experience and knowledge.
When I have the chance to spent some days in another town time seems to be vanishing in my hands or, to use an abused metaphor, like sand flowing through the fingers. I'm always on the run and it happens that professional and personal goals can't be achieved at the same time. In these cases the second, having lower priority, are inevitable overlooked.
These are pictures taken on the top of a hill in Molndal a couple of years ago. I'm here again in these days but the weather and my schedule don't allow me to step out of the office during the day. So I went looking into my hard-disk and found some good pictures of some very intelligent lunch breaks I had spent in the past time.

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marco eugenio said...

molto bello il triangolo di luce - fai bene a riandare ad esaminare le tue stesse vecchie foto: il ritmo frenetico della vita spesso ci impedise di valutare con calma quel tesoro di memorie che sono le nostre fotografie, scatti fatti seguendo impulsi e sentimenti istantanei, che poi dimentichiamo ma per fortuna restano indelebili nelle nostre memorie digitali o impresse nei nostri archivi negativi. Un tesoro in soffitta da riscoprire
buon lavoro e buone foto!