Monday, November 5, 2012


Cycling Word Championship 2009, Mendrisio (CH)

I've had a unique chance to attend, as cycling fan and practitioner, the Road World Championship race not far from where I live for two consecutive years: Varese 2008 and Mendrisio 2009. In both cases I was there with my son, Flavio, who I hope will keep the memory of such events alive with him. Two unique events, people coming from everywhere in the World and melting aside the streets with their colorful jackets and flags, drinking, singing out loud, dancing, enjoying this side-show more than the same race.
At the end of the event I spotted this Norwegian guy happily saluting the mass from the roof of an hotel reception. If I well remember their prominent athlete had won the silver medal. Now, "Belvedere" in italian (consider that Mendrisio is in the southern border of Ticino, the Italian speaking Swiss canton) stands for a "nice panorama". When I see this picture I still can't help but lough.
I realize just now that I never showed it to one of my friends in Norway. :-)

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