Monday, November 26, 2012

Permanent wanderers

I think this picture has nearly ten years. I can't recall exactly when. In my early digital times as photographer I was not so scrupulous as today. Some bad accidents to the disks and CD:s were I used to backup my images have made me a little more careful about the way I manage my personal files. At the time I remember I still had a cranky and bulky Kodak that wasn't unable to store information on the images capture time. For sure I took the picture in a small park, not far from where I live. At the time I probably already had my son born and I "had" to carry him around with the trolley during the last warm days of his life's first autumn.
Looking back at this one, now, I can't help but thinking to the hunger of pictures I had in those years. I used to shoot at almost everything and everyone, being in a permanent transport (or wandering) state. This man might have probably been sitting and thinking a little back to his life. I was doing more or less the same, without looking ahead.

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