Friday, November 9, 2012

Re-entering Kymlinge

Four years ago, on this same day, I entered for the first time the Stockholm underground "ghost" (never opened) station of Kymlinge on a personal assignment I had taken with Ulf for the opening of 591 Photography Blog. This station is ten minutes walk away from Kista, a Stockholm northern district where my company headquarters are. Four years after I'm still here, 591 is growing every day, Kista ... well, concrete and charcoal are growing as well but, just two days ago, more than 1000 people were announced to be laid off. The ghost station could be crowded all at once.

Kista Science Tower

Entering Kymlinge

Where the Ghosts live

A last look at the train line 

Back in my hotel room

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marco eugenio said...

una storia di abbandono di progeti, di risorse, di investimento in vite ed esperienze umane
una scelta suicida di abbandonare esperienze sociali di pace e prosperità