Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Harvest

I'm back home again after a couple of weeks spent on an alpine plateau not far from Trento, in the east end of Italy. My memory cards are overflowing with pictures and urgently need a reassuring download. I know they won't be all satisfactory: I've been distracted by some time consuming events. My car broke two times and required an urgent recovery for fixing. I could have bought a brand new camera with all that money bu the two event made me think about the importance of taking quick decisions.
The coming Autumn season will be busier than usual. Someone talked to me about an extra-mile to walk. I can't do but laughing at this, as I've always been running that stripe of land and I would like to harvest instead the fruit of my sowing.

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marco eugenio said...

Una bella immagine simbolica - peccato per la tua auto, si sarebbe stato meglio spendere i soldi per una nuova macchina fotografica, ma sarà per la prossima volta - ciao - marco