Monday, September 2, 2013

Flora Alpina - I

"Don't even dare to swallow them, 'cause you'll miss 'em ...".

Yes, these pictures (and some of those that will come in the following days) are so much blown up and close to the floral subject that I couldn't get the focus they probably deserved. I could give my gear the whole fault. Yet, I'm proud to say that I knew they wouldn't be canonically perfect and that I got the tossy results I was looking for without using a post processing tool. I love the feeling of uncertainty they convey, the need for a better sight. They're in line with my current mood.

1 comment:

marco eugenio said...

belle immagini Tiberio, spesso il risultato emotivo - espressivo conta di più di una asettica perfezione tecnica - ciao !