Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Hungarian friend

My not-at-all-smart phone cam strikes again. I found this little moth hanging on my the curtains of my hotel room, one of the last times I was in Budapest. Now that the company spending restrictions are keeping me anchored in the harbour, I have less opportunities to shoot abroad but much more time, in turn, to delve into the folders of my previous shootings, including the very bad images taken with my phone.

It's marvellous to find out some good shots, worth of being processed and published in the folders of a phone cam. Sometimes, less than one million pixels can surprise more than the fifteeen megapixels of the bulky, heavy and expensive high-end companions.


marco eugenio said...

come sempre, non è la macchina ma il fotografo, che fa la foto!

Tiberio Fanti said...

E un pizzico di Photoshop, ammettiamolo ... :-)