Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Medusa bite

Vacation means (or should mean) emptyness, removing things to make space for others, even if for a limited time: in a larger extent, it means diverting from the traditional routine of our office time. To me this term has recently also taken a different meaning: that is, doing whatever I haven't been able to do in the last months that I was previously able to take care. So, having discovered a free wifi access point in the small fishermen village where I recovered for a couple of weeks, I'll try to make my blog a bit more kicking than in recent time. I'm not able to move pictures from my cam to the tablet I'm using but I still can take pictures with its low-fidelity eye. Additionally, I can rely on a semi-automatic retouch program. Let's see how far I will be able to go.
Today I had my first season bath and ... The first jellyfish bite in my life. It was about time! The pattern it left on my arm looks like a grim full of sarcasm. I've been far from this island for nine years. Looks like it's saying: at last you came back and I got you!

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