Tuesday, July 9, 2013


As it already happened several times, I've been more optimistic than I reasonably should have been. Once discovered the way to grab a thin thread of wireless connection for free, I thought I could have spent some minutes per day at reporting my vacations, my rediscovery of the colors, the sounds, the words, the smells and flavors of Ischia island, witnessing my reconnection to this old place of my youth with some meaningful, though low fidelity, pictures.
With plenty of regret I have to admit that, once asgain, I saw the glass half full, instead of half empty. The cam featured by this tablet is really bad, just good for watching each other with Skype. The post-processing tool looks smart and flexible but blemishes the image after each file save. Worst of all, I took a picture of my arm and cut it to the size of my blog. Needless to say that I lost the candidate picture. It is there, somewhere into my tablet memory but I'm not able to retrieve it and upload it.
So I'll have to give up my mind and be happy of being able to write some words. There will be time, later, to extract some shots from my memory cards and update the World about my visual experience.

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