Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A good sight

I haven't had much time to walk around and shoot alone and without restrictions during the two weeks I've recently spent on Ischia. Kids and relatives have had the master's voice: they decided and planned for me and my wife. I'm not saying that I regret the way time passed. I just let the things happen and waited for the events to fall upon me. That's in some extent the real vacation. Besides, since I had been away from the island for nine years, the list of things to be done and shown to my kids before leaving was so long that time for shooting was inevitably put on a second, if not third, layer. Shooting demands for time. Time demands for all the other tasks to be done and distracting thoughts swept away.
We will certainly go back in Ischia again (at least before I get too old to complete the list of things to be done). I'll find (or reserve) the right amount of time to walk around the island and take good shots.

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