Saturday, January 12, 2013

Let's wait and see

I think this picture depicts very well most of my current feelings. It's the beginning of a new year. Forecasts are still uncertain, there will be as usual highs and lows. The economic downturn that affected us is still far to be a memory and I fear something bad could happen. Fifteen years of technical and operational excellence are a handful of dust when your employer, however strong and well positioned on the market, is no longer able to make you feel safe. I'm stranded by doubts about which way to go. Should I attempt to walk a new way? Should I keep crossing fingers instead? I actually feel the need of a change in my professional life. Lack of progress in my career is the only thing that does not make me feel completely satisfied and complete as a man. Some would argue that work is not all and that I'd better relax and focus on something else. There are good chances they are right. So, waiting for something to happen, I sit on the windowsill and watch how the things go.

"Uhm ... If it wasn't that the sun is still low, I'd pick another place and stretch myself to soak with sunlight."

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