Sunday, January 20, 2013

En tour

It's stronger than my will. Even when I'm pushing hard on my mountain bike pedals and heavily breathing to recover after a steep slope, if what surrounds me has something worth to be noted down, I stretch my arm on my back, pull my mobile out of the pocket and, still pedaling, take some snapshots. Most of the times the result are strongly tilted, blown, light unbalaned and shaken pictures. In few other cases, as in those I'm going to post in the following days, the result is surprisingly good. It's worth being written that I'm not owning one of the latest fully equipped smart phones. These are still taken with my old Sony Ericsson. That's the funny thing.

It's snowing this evening. I won't probably have the chance to ride tomorrow. Good weather for reading and processing some of my latest shots.

1 comment:

marco eugenio said...

bravo Tiberio, l' ennesima dimostrazione che la macchina conto solo fino a un certo punto, conta molto di più l' occhio e l' ispirazione del fotografo !
Buona domenica al calduccio, con un buon libro e i tuoi bambini
bellisima Gloria !