Monday, January 28, 2013

Biding my time

This is expected to be a photographic blog. Therefore, no posts without images should be allowed or, put in a different way, I should take care not to write posts that don't show any picture. Yet, I committed myself to unveil some of my "deepest" thoughts when I started it and, to wit, I feel the urge to take some notes from time to time, even when I don't have pictures to present. This is partly due to a sense of dignity that still wonders inside my veins. I actually refuse to present pictures for the sake of making the engine work, just to let the blog look like alive.
Perhaps I set myself standards too high when compared to my equipment and time left. Facts are that I'm stuck into a hotel room right now with nothing else to do but sitting at the desk and let the time fly while reading news and surfing the web. I would have preferred doing something else but outside the weather is weary, inside the hotel gym is crowded and in the second biggest town of Sweden everything closes after six in the evening. So what should I do before my colleagues start ringing my phone to understand where to meet and have our dinner?
Let's do like this. I must have some good ol' pictures left resting in some folders of this cranky laptop for some time. It won't be like opening an old seasoned red wine from a cellar. Consider that an "aperitivo" before better times.

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marco eugenio said...

bello questo momento di introspezione esistenziale...
per fortuna abbiamo sempre in fono ai nostri cassetti analogici o digitali qualche vecchia immagine che avevamo trascurato, o che quel tantino di vita che abbiamo vissuto in più ci fa valorizzare, mentre sul monebnto non ci diceva niente...