Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Like a faucet that gives no water

I have been keeping this image, and many more like it, stowed away for too long in my digital memories, thinking it would have been useful in times of scarcity and fruitlessness, to better express my mood and feelings. I realize only tonight that I should have used it long time ago. That kind of mood and those feelings are already here since years.

My disks are brimful of images and, to my regret, most of the recent ones are worse than ever before. I continue shooting as much as years ago, with different tools, resulting in more and more often bad pictures that I strive to believe I could be so superficial while aiming and shooting. And it's not just a matter of tools. Only a minor part of them is worth of attention. Still, even for these few survivors I fail to find, or better, to reserve (there's little to be found, actually) part of my time for completing the second part of the flow and propose to an improbable audience something that can be defined ... presentable.

More and more often I linger for a good quarter of hour in my car, early in the morning, soon after reaching my company parking area, looking at other's pictures and quickly cutting one of mine, if available, using my mobile. Which is a contradiction in principle.

I can't afford more. And it's really pitiful thinking at all the good stuff I used to make few years ago. I had so many plans: all disregarded. Maybe I'd better considering to search for a new source. This one gives no more water.

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