Thursday, January 25, 2018

Grand Tour 2017-18

I'm ready to begin the new year with many pictures that I had the opportunity to take during the recent Christmas break. Together with friends from our former hometown, Saronno, we engaged on a Grand Tour around central Italy. A week-long trip where we had the chance to show our kids something different, beautiful, new and unexpected. Let me start from our last stop in Siena. We arrived in the old Tuscan town during a storm: the strong wind swept so much the hill that few people only dared to walk along its narrow streets. Surprisingly, the old medieval town, appeared to us as desert as one of the several villages in the nearby countryside. Now that I'm back in Austria, once again, my biggest regret is that I'm no longer equipped with the right gears. I continue to take bad pictures with my mobile or with a DSLR that's falling apart.

The shot below was not staged but ... stolen. There's no need to add more, I think.

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marco eugenio said...

E a che ti servirebbe una “vera” macchina fotografica se col cellulare le fai così belle?