Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Flowers - I

Last winter I have definitely worked too much. I devoted myself to the new professional experience, leaving no time to anything else but work and, of course, the family. Surpisingly, notwithstanding the opportunities offered by the surrounding countryside, I have even disdained my beloved mountain bike and now I'm asking how was it possible that I took back exactly the same body shape that I had just before moving to Austria.
So, in the attempt to regain control of my health, beside sitting again on the saddle, I committed myself to a daily walk along the Murrad: a narrow cycling path that goes along the banks of the Mur river, quietly flowing just behind the buildings of my company. In these days, on the sides of this country road, beside the sandwich that I'm used to buy to the Imbiss-Bus parking in front of the company's main gate, I can also find enough "bread for my photographic theet". A good reason for taking this solitary walk every noon.
The quality of the pictures is what I can afford with my mobile. I decided not to turn them to Black and White as usual. It would be a crime. And, if possible, I would like to keep the pace of one picture a day for the whole month of June.  Let's see. 

(Made and sent from my mobile)

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