Monday, February 13, 2017

Caen, first day.

My first time in Normandy. Together with my wife, I had planned, many years ago, to reach the northern coast of France by car, on a long tour that should have lasted three weeks but then something unexpected happened that changed our lives and our Tour de France was never made.

Yesterday, I landed in Paris in the early afternoon in company of a colleague of mine. I took a rental car and drove off the big city ring, along the course of La Seine, till we found ourselves in the meadows around Rouen. There we stopped for a coffee and an initial taste of sea winds. When we got in town it was too late to see anything but the lights of the streets lamps reflected on the channel-harbor reaching the city center.  I took a first picture of my room view when the sun had set long time before. So I promised myself to take another one on the morning after.

(Made and sent from my mobile.)

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